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Adwords Vs. Bing Ads

Adwords Vs. Bing Ads 1

Google AdWords and Bing Ads are the two giants of the paid-search advertising. Google has kept its allure alive with the users with the release of 360 Suite recently. On the other hand, Bing has put into its following in the past few years especially among the budget smaller businesses.

However, with similar basic service, it gets quite perplexing to distinguish between your two. So, what’s the difference between your two and just how do both stacks up to each other’s features? Google AdWords is the one that started everything and it’s still the Defacto choice for most businesses as it pertains to paid search engine marketing. With time, this recognition has somewhat reduced considering the ever-increasing costs and competition.

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Search Volume – No doubt that Google leads the pack browsing volume compared to any other platform. For businesses with limited geographical region targeting, Google can be nothing lacking a messiah. Google’s reach and flexibility mean more potential customers. With regards to the keywords, you can experience significant traffic considering the search volume Google commands. Ad Extensions – Paid search ads are very short.

You have very few characters to capture your targeted audience’s attention. Extensions will come in real handy when you need more exposure at lower prices. Google here has you covered. With review extensions and mobile-click-to-call, you can expect more people to note your brand. Platform and Ads Management – With regards to ease of use, AdWords down wins hands.

It’s built on many years of improvements and is the greater intuitive system to use. Many features are straightforward and more users can grab information easily to take actions. Improved Device Targeting – Device targeting is something Bing does much better than AdWords. Bing advertisements can be chosen not to be displayed on desktops when you want to target mobile devices. In Google, you cannot opt from the desktop advertisements. LESS EXPENSIVE – Bing is relatively less expensive than Google. Since the traffic is low comparatively, you can expect low prices for good keywords.

This can be really helpful for smaller businesses who are just getting started and seek budget to pay for traffic. For some keywords, the costs can half be! Less Competition – Lower search volumes mean that there is less competition, which translates to more keyword targeting. The amounts aren’t so low concerning negate any potential customers. But it will help to lessen competition for high-frequency keywords.