How Exactly HTTPS (ssl) Works

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How Exactly HTTPS (ssl) Works

How Exactly HTTPS (ssl) Works 1

Any data encrypted with this public key can only just be decrypted by Google’s private key, which Google doesn’t share with anyone. After validating the certificate, web browser creates a fresh key let’s call it a Session Key and make 2 copies of it. These secrets can encrypt as well as decrypt the info. Google’s open public key. Then it transmits it back again to the Google server. Google’s server decrypts the encrypted data, which consists of private key and has got the session key, and other request data. Now, see, server and web browser both ‘ve got the same copies of the session key of the internet browser.

No one else has this key, therefore, only browser and server can encrypt and decrypt the data. This key will now be used for both to encrypt and to encrypt the data. When Google sends the info like requested HTML document and other HTTP data to the browser it first encrypts the info with this session key and browser decrypts the data with the other copy of the session key. Similarly, when the browser transmits the data to the Google server it encrypts it with the session key which server decrypts on the other hand. Note: This program key is only used for that session only. If the user closes again the web site and starts, a new session key would be created.

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  1. What’s the maximum size of the S3 bucket
  2. A hosting provider (the area the website resides to entertain guests)
  3. Off-limits and delicate information
  4. Sanity Check – basic test script to confirm everything is working
  5. Due to easy connections, there are chances of getting more business

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