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This post will not demonstrate how to use BankID on Linux — it’ll demonstrate how to move banked data files from Debian Linux to home windows 7. Nor is the technique elegant as it involves using two VMs. I should make a long rant about how the company, Finansiell ID tennis, behind BankID should be sued into oblivion and the Swedish politicians and can be used to gain access to government service without needing to open specs be jailed indefinitely. Long tale brief: BankID has always been a genuine pain in the backside to use on Linux and today support entirely is finished. Support for Windows XP has been dropped as well, that will become relevant later.

Either way, there’s no linux-friendly solution out there, as in moving from v4 to v5 of bankid the format has changed completely. There’s a linux-friendly solution: mobile banking, which runs on Google android. However, it seems to need a Swedish (or north European) SIM card. NOPE — that’s not how it works — it’s actually a lot better.

In the end no matter since you’ll have to head into a Swedish loan company in person to order a fresh band set-up code. Not something you can do if you’re overseas. There’s one other solution available — ID via the Swedish taxes office. Unfortunately it is only available for individuals residing in Sweden. Whoever has business with Sweden but lives abroad is SOL. So, I had to discover a pragmatic solution, and quickly since my current ID key is expiring. I have a vintage OR WINDOWS 7 disk that I possibly could install in a VM, but since XP isn’t supported anymore, that wouldn’t work anyway.

I then decided to observe how much a copy of Windows 7 costs. I’m not keen on throwing money at MS, but I had been at the idea of simply looking into solutions still. I am surrounded by computers with Windows 7 Pro OA stickers (that are running Debian), so I figured if I could only get my practical a DVD I could use the license that was already covered. I also had a vague memory space of the Windows 7 is being freely and legally available from Microsoft via download.

  • Rule 1 – Don’t use goto, rationalize the utilization of continue and break, don’t use switch
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  • Dutch Auction Masters

Windows 7 is openly and legitimately via Digital River. Remember that you’ll still need to find your own activation key. Not thinking about paying that much money for something I’m not heading to use much. This isn’t legal obviously. Actually, reading the linked post you might not have to enter anything. Either way, after 30 days your copy will expire. You can still use it — the only things that change is the background (goes black), you can’t install updates anymore, and Aero turns off. See here. This is fine by me.

As OA licenses are limited and I must say I don’t care about using Windows for anything but candid, I proceeded to go with the last option. Installing Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit in VirtualBox went without a hitch, and I awarded it 30 Gb HDD and 2 gb RAM (I have 4 Tb HDD and 8 Gb RAM on my system).

So far so good.At this point I thought I had been successful quite. I linked a USB stick to my computer (i.e. Debian) and ran persuade. BankID Security Application 4.19.1 Available tokens: 0: (140110 yy.xx) Me – BankID on document 1: (130304 yy.xx) Me – BankID on document Choose token: 0 Enter pin: Enter removable media export website directory (must exist): /media/fat32/bid Didn’t export token. The good reason might be that the export directory is not on the detachable mass media, or that you don’t have permission to write to it.

No matter what I attempted in conditions of permissions and destination file systems made any difference. Operating in the Ubuntu 10 persadmin. 04 LTS 32-bit VM worked perfectly, and I now had the exported .nge file in a folder on my USB stick. BankID Security Application 4.19.1 Available tokens: 0: (140110 yy.xx) Me – BankID on document 1: (130304 yy.xx) Me – BankID on file Choose token: 0 Enter pin: Enter removable media export directory website (must can be found): /mass media/fat32/bid Successfully exported token.

In retrospect, you may be able to do this in a chrooted Ubuntu example under Debian. Then I thrilled the Windows 7 VM, started BankID, and visited File/Preferences. Under locations I added the folder on the USB stay that held the exported BankID file, clicked Add, save then, and everything was good. Well, apart from the fact that I needed to use two VMs, and am stuck with a Windows 7 VM now. My Win 7 .vdi document is approximately 9 Gb, which as a tar.gz file is compressed to 3.8 Gb. I’ve supported it up in three different locations, so hopefully there will not be any issues with losing the band due to MS upgrade idiocies.