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This product will come in two colors, 01-Pink Beige and 02 Natural Beige. I suspect red beige is for individuals who have cool undertones while natural is perfect for those with warm undertones. Natural is known as to be for medium ranged shades and is the one with natural color & finish off between your two. There is absolutely no fragrance to this product if you don’t really put your nasal area up to the compact and sniff the shit from it.

The smell is a generic faint powder scent that smells nonexistent on pores and skin. The packaging seems light and good quality. Despite it being plastic material, I’d compare it to the product packaging of high-end US makeup products such as Estee Lauder or Lancome. The pact comes with a little puff, which is nothing at all special or luxurious.

It feels quite comparable to a flat, dried out beautyblender. The formula is very buildable, has a brilliant soft silky finish, and seems weightless. I used dark eyeliner to simulate dark areas, brownish and blue/grey to simulate under-eye luggage, and pink to simulate redness or blemishes. Within the left of the above photo is no makeup while the right has several layers of the pact. The coverage is light to medium, depending about how much you apply. I like what this pact do on my minor inflammation! My right cheek without makeup is relatively smooth with noticeable pores and a little redness.

  • Pricey at $90 per pot
  • Opie, Moira and Iona Tatum. A Dictionary of Superstitions
  • Increases emotions of well-being
  • Come on let’s eat some healthy organic foods, such as organic veggie and fruits
  • Obscuring designs, vignettes
  • Apply blush, remembering to BLEND! No clown cheeks

Applying a bit of powder at the top makes smooth skin look even and matte. I couldn’t stop coming in contact with my skin when I applied this. However, this product doesn’t do so excellent on unequal areas. My nasal area is simple, and a cream applies fine on it relatively, but this powder clung onto every single bump on my skin actually.

It looks super cakey as soon as it touches your skin layer on little peach fuzz, rough areas, and dry patches. I used to be so stunned at how terrible this powder looked that I instantly went to the computer to record an angry, disappointed review. I thought I was imagining things so I applied the powder to another area (which of course came out tough and came at first) and waited patiently for 15 minutes to elapse.

I was skeptical and thought that I had unconsciously rubbed the product off while writing therefore I made sure to keep my face untouched. After a quarter-hour, I checked my face again and voila! The rough texture had subsided. While it isn’t as easy as I would’ve liked, it’s a LOT much better than what it used to appear to be. Keep in mind that I got these photos under white fluorescent lighting so this is really as shown as my epidermis is going to get.