The Empire Strikes Back: The Script

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The Empire Strikes Back: The Script

The Empire Strikes Back: The Script 1

We have been texting a great deal since we matched up and he asked for my Snapchat and phone number in a creative way. We’ve a great chemistry going on, sending texts, and pictures back and forth. I don’t wear makeup at all and I also don’t edit my pics either and my skin still looks good on the phone camera.

They accelerate away from the base and head toward the distant walkers. All right, boys, keep now tight. Luke, No approach is acquired by me vector. The cannons mounted on the walker head fire at the speeders. Fine, I’m coming in. Hobbie, you still with me? Three other walkers march onward, firing all cannons. A speeder banks through and from the hip and legs of a walker away. Rebel craft race just above the icy plain. Luke looks back at the walker as it grows smaller in the distance.

Luke banking institutions and begins another run. Choose the legs. All right, the standby position, Dack. Dack reaches the gunner’s handles. Just hang on. Hang on, Dack. Luke swings his speeder around and minds toward an oncoming walker. Dack is all right. The dislike ray weapon is hit by a laser bolt and instantly explodes.

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A hologram of Darth Vader appears on the control panel screen. Wedge, I’ve lost my gunner. Coming around, Rogue Leader. Wedge’s speeder races through the hip and legs of one of the monstrous walkers. Wedge’s gunner gets to for a firing switch to stimulate the harpoon. Three circles the walker round the tail end then. Wedge checks his controls and banks around the front of the walker. Coming around. More Once. Wedge swings the speeder between your legs of the giant walker.

The speeder zooms away into the distance. The soldiers in the trenches cheer at the view of the crashing walker. I see it, Wedge. Rieekan monitor computer screens. No choice is got by us. Evacuate remaining ground staff. Noticing Chewie attach a wrong part, Han increases impatient. Master Luke now, understand? Oh, dear, oh, dear. The fierce battle on the huge snow plains of Hoth rages on. A ray is damaged by Another blast weapon. General Veers studies various readouts on his control panel.

Luke, glancing over, views Rogue Two on his left. Rogue Two, are you right all? Yeah. I’m with you, Rogue Leader. We’ll arrange harpoon. I’ll cover for you. The two speeders race over the horizon toward the large walkers. Watch that cross fireplace, boys. Set for position three. Stay tight and low.