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Cruelty-Free Beauty FOR EVERYONE

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Lately I have already been falling in love with loose attention shadow. Although I think it is more difficult to work with, the number of colors and formulas seems endless: a makeup lover’s dream! It allows for truly creative looks. Couple all that with skin-loving ingredients and you have Concrete Minerals. 14 lip tints. CM is also 100% vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, fragrance-free, paraben-free, and made with natural pigments and ingredients without fillers. The above photo was shot without a flash but under artificial (indoor) lighting. The swatches were done on dry skin with no primer or moisturizer. The picture has not been retouched or edited/filtered in an attempt to capture the true colors.

The top two colors (Deviant and Storm) were free examples incorporated with my order of the other four, full-size tones. Each container contains approximately 1.5 grams of product. Deviant and Storm are wonderfully wearable gray shades; Deviant has a shimmer while Storm is a lighter gray matte. Sweet Catrina, the most flattering shade, is a beautiful pink champagne color with tips of magic shimmer.

It is wonderful for blending or highlighting. Brat is crucial to have for women who love everything pink and girly: the perfect color of shimmering magenta! Guts and Bloodstream are a curious color of rusty brownish with a very faint green shift/shimmer, a conversation starter definitely. Finally, Black Metallic is most named accurately. It’s a deep, dark black with a silver/gun metal shimmer that is ideal as a liner or for a sultry smoky eye. The above photo was used in artificial (indoor) light but was not edited/filtered.

I used Brat, blending well, for day or night time which demonstrates that a good radiant color can be totally wearable. I smudged Deviant along my lashes as a liner. The above-mentioned photo was taken in artificial (indoor) light but was not edited/filtered. To get a bottom shadow along the lid I used Sweet Catrina.

I used Storm for the crease and then topped it with Blood and Guts across the brow bone. By dipping an optical eyes liner clean in water or primer, Black Metal makes a beautiful liner! 7 per full-size pot. Considering there is absolutely no fillers or talc, you’re getting true, honest-to-goodness nutrient shadows that even delicate-skinned beauties can use. There are also various coupons and promos codes ongoing that make for an even better value.

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If you want to discover a “perfectly” amount of shimmer, Concrete Minerals is it. Even the brightest colors are completely flattering and glow in a “grown-up” way. These shadows are flexible: use them dry as typical, or wet as a liner or for a far more vivid look. Lastly, the packaging is fun!

Their collectible tins will surely appeal to the consumer that craves sweet and sexy externally. To be fair, I always try to look at the ups and downs of products; however, it’s difficult to complain about such an excellent line. Much like any loose shadow, it can be difficult if you’re used to pressed eyes shadow – there’s fallout during application and storage is definitely an issue. With just a little practice and a huge plastic bin to store it all in, you’ll easily avoid those minor concerns.

It’s better to place the eyeball on a separate layer. Choose your light source and start to indicate the primary forms. Don’t make the clear pure white. Depending on the light, it can look orange, dark brown, yellow, red, blue. A pale, grayish beige is good to start off. Pass over it with your skin color lightly, because it gets shown in the wet eye. To share some good advice right from the start: rather than slapping on color willy-nilly, make an effort to make your brushstrokes follow the forms.