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Conveying A Clear Brand Message

Conveying A Clear Brand Message 1

I’m currently finishing up my last course for my ONLINE MARKETING STRATEGY Certificate through Cornell. This particular courses stress the importance of brand message. I’ve included both images above to demonstrate my attempts to give similar information and communicate an obvious brand message across my Etsy shop. As small business owners and manufacturers, we don’t possess huge advertising teams to keep this consistency for us, so it is important to keep up with it ourselves.

For many of us, we ARE our brand and it can be a challenge to make sure that we are not simply putting everything that people love out there. Linked with this concept is the need to keep our image constant across all of social media. I’ve been using this chance to do this! Little things like using the same profile picture(s) and frequently using the same key words and phrases really can make all the difference. Can be an example from my Instagram Below.

I use the same profile picture as my shop (I also utilize this one on Pinterest), which is a picture that conveys what I make. The pictures that I post on Instagram online backup my brand promises further, for example, showing custom items that I’ve made. Here are some other types of “competitors” that I am using as evaluation for my course assignments.

Sparrow uses constant photography to portray their young, intimate, but urban vibe. A detailed up (above) of the shop’s announcement shows the way they clearly connect the brand promise with which they want to put themselves. As I said, a lot of this was tied to a specific course project but it was thought by me was nutrients and worthy of sharing. That is my final course and I’m excited to start putting what I’ve learned into action!

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