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As a life-long bookworm, one of the hardest parts about moving to Holland for me personally was not having access to all the English books that I wanted to read. Should I have discovered Dutch, yes yes, I should have. Would I’ve the same pleasure reading books in Dutch as I would in English, not probably. Nothing beats reading in your native language, even when you can read reasonably well in a foreign language, at least in my opinion.

For me, it’s also a means of sense at home, at least in my own reading world, day with foreign words swirling around me after spending the entire. After several instances of spending an absurd amount on books from the neighborhood bookstore’s limited English selection, I quickly decided that the best and most economical solution for me personally was the Kindle. The prices are very sensible and it takes merely one faucet for nearly any English book of your choice to download to your device via Whispernet. No shipping fees, no delivery delays, no bent reserve covers. I had to adapt to the e-book but so far it’s been a very rewarding investment. But think about the young kids?

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Over recent years, the literary scenery has transformed a lot inside our household. My eldest learned how to read and my second is in the process of learning. At age groups 7.5 yrs and 6 yrs, their reading levels progress at the blink of an eye and Personally i think that having appropriate reading materials around is the best way to encourage their love of reading.

The public collection in the Hague, the Central Bibliotheek particularly, has a darling kids part with a good selection of English children’s books. All children up to the age of 18 can get a collection credit card free of charge. But with 3 young kids, I’ll admit that I don’t will have the time to trek into city center nor to trek back again to bring those books back promptly. I also believe with multiple children, it’s probably an advisable investment to create a small, well-curated home library for following kiddos to take pleasure from.

So where are some of the best places to find English books in the Hague? Despite attempting to support the local shops, there without doubt that online publication shopping provides the best selection at most competitive prices, at least for international books. The Book Depository is by far my favorite spot to shop for English books, particularly when I know precisely what I want, which I often do. I buy the vast majority of my children’s books here. A lot of the right time, the prices are unbeatable and the web site offers free delivery worldwide. The written books deliver from the U.K.

Netherlands. The only downside is that to be able to provide free delivery, the books are usually sent in batches (probably predicated on availability) and delivery times aren’t always very specific even after getting notification that your order has dispatched. Therefore you decide to do have to keep an eye on game titles as they turn up on bigger purchases to ensure that they have all came. But hey- affordable English books, good selection, free delivery.

Essentially the same concept as the Book Depository and also offering free worldwide delivery. I came across that the choice was not as good as some of its competitors and that the prices weren’t always the lowest. Nevertheless, well worth a search and a great option for accessing British books still. I say Amazon Europe because strangely enough you can source English books on various Amazon websites. I used to order uniquely on the Amazon Uk site with the assumption that the had the most English books.