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During a Take Charge workshop at Walsh College today, I spoke to the SOCIAL NETWORKING for Job Seekers class about the concept of “active” job seeking. The example I like to use is to ask the class to place their practical front of the table in front of them.

This can be set alongside the traditional job seeker. In comparison, I keep these things place their hands within an “active hands” position (which I borrowed from Yoga). The “active hands” position engages each finger in the placement of the hands on the table. It’s similar to how the kitty lands, or what sort of runner places his/her hands before a race begins.

= $ =p>The tactile hands. I think this is a great example to illustrate the concept of traditional versus active job seeking. The traditional job seeker reviews job planks, transmits out resumes, makes a phone call or two to former managers maybe, and waits. And applies for more jobs, and waits. The “active” job seeker is completely involved in his/her job search.

They use social media to make contacts to previous coworkers, managers, vendors, clients, college classmates, professors, mentors, etc. They blog. They may be energetic on LinkedIn, and/or Facebook, and/or Twitter, and they are professional on each one of these sites. They go to networking occasions. They attend workshops to learn new skills or brush up on old skills.

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They have informational interviews to check out a possible change in professions. They upgrade their resume periodically with job search activities (workshops, workshops) plus they include their LinkedIn address on the resume. They may be beneficial to their network of contacts, sharing resources and information, and they’re respectful of the new roles of social media etiquette. These are enthusiastic and optimistic about their search. It’s as though they are employing all their senses and everything available resources in their job search. Plus they amaze me. These are the kind of individuals I want to connect to now, because they are spectacular.

I am 66 in good physical condition. I am in a situation that I am not happy with. I live lease free in a residence with most all my expenses paid. But…..the conditions I am living in aren’t what I want. I have to mow and keep maintaining a yard with shrubs and trees and shrubs, maintain anything that goes wrong with the homely house, keep the house clean, etc, etc. I’m fed up with it. I take prolonged street trips sometimes but I must return to the drudgery of S&B.