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LAST LOOKS With Myke The Makeupguy

LAST LOOKS With Myke The Makeupguy 1

I have to admit, that for as long as I can keep in mind, I viewed the Academy Honors always. This year I simply watch RED CARPET Broadcast to see who’s wearing what and what have you. I assume the longer I work in the film business the lest I care. So that as a makeup designer, you would think I’d be around it. Well, I still love my makeup and the muses that adorn us artists’ creations. Jennifer Lawrence is stunning wearing DIOR HAUTE COUTURE rather.

Shakespeare In Love, but this is way prettier. Jessica Chastian appears very old-school Hollywood putting on ARMANI PRIVE. 12 months at the theaters too Young man has she experienced a great. I believe Helen Hunt appears the best she has been seen by me look in quite a while. I love her hair style, it’s very clean and neat. I love that look, not locks out of place and do you know what?

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She’s wearing a dress from H&M, gotta love that, It stunning on her behalf. Sandra Bullock looks lovely, always, tonight is no different and, except that locks girl, Sandy! Should have worn it back again or up, this slick right too, to me doesn’t do your beauty that amazing ELIE SAAB Gown and justice. The night All I can say is this is my 3rd best look of.

Charlize Theron appears absolutely stunning in this DIOR COUTURE gown. That hair, I really like that’s she’s back again to her Pixie-doo. And that face, perfect makeup. Catherine Zeta- Jones is one of my favorite’s beauty diva, She always looks amazing if you ask me and again one of the ageless beauties of our industry.

Her make up flawless rather than outrageous as only makeup designer Scott Barnes can do. Naomi Watts wore a beautiful ARMANI PRIVE gown, sparkle, glitz you name is this dress is amazing and fits her like a glove. I believe she was shafted Individually, should have one best Actress, saying just?

My Second favorite look of the night time. And there’s Stacy Keibler putting on and insane, beautiful Etre-inspired dress from NAEEM KHAN. That is my number 1 favorite look of the evening, the hair, makeup, and that body! A-Lister by default to outshine all then super stars honey! I really like Stacy she’s a sweet girl therefore fun to utilize, I’m happy she’s shinning! I know a lot of us like to hate this poor young thing, Kristen Stewart, honey, you should have remained home. It; ‘s the Oscars if you’re so weary then watch DVR at home and get drunk.

I have observed you look better and that is uncommon too.Comb nice hair, and what about concealer? I am hoping you didn’t pay one to do your makeup? Nana’s old chenille bed spread that you used to produce a dress with. Ok, I know I am not being truly a good Christian dishing on her but really?

As I described I liked the reflections and structures, I think my previous composition was off which I managed to correct with this photo. This image is darkly sublime, I used to be in two minds as to whether to include it or not because of the darkness on the right hand side of the image. In hindsight I believe that the image is made by it, such as a tunnel of darkness leading directly into light.