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They have practically everything for skin care, they have simple organic substances within products. My favorite products are the African Hair care Organic Coconut Oil. It has in it coconut essential oil Hemp oil, burdock main nerves natural essential oils of geranium, lavender lemon Rosemary, and tea tree oil. I love their Natural Body Buffer Scrub also.

This product is in short amazing. I have what you call alligator epidermis because I believe from having both Type 1 Diabetes and Celiac Disease. The product has done miracles for me. I simply wash with Uncle Harry’s powdered soap then later on slather this on while being in the shower.

It smells so excellent. I used the Citrus Delight. It looks, and feels like a good coconut essential oil but with a lot of salt to it. You merely take a little out rub it together on your hands and smooth it all over your body but of course make sure it generally does not go into your eyes and rinse. The product is excellent as a beauty treatment for that person as well.

Instantly my skin comes alive and smells wonderful. Usually when I have a shower after about an hour I am scratching away and my skin becomes red and hot, not with the product my skin remains properly hydrated. The ingredients are Sea Salt Apricot Kernel oil orange, lemon, and lime essential natural oils.

This is I feel my favorite of most of their products. My next favorite product is the African Hair Care Shampoo. This is made out of African Black Soap. The full substances are African, black Soap Castile Soap Apple Cider Vinegar Organic Virgin Shea Butter hemp oil and essential oils of lavender Rosemary lemon tea tree oil.

They have tooth paste powders which i also love and one of my top favorites is their Oatmeal and Coconut Soap Powder. This I really like it will come in a small pot and you simply put a little soap natural powder in the palm of your hand mix some drinking water to it and there you have a wealthy creamy indulgent soap. It will come in Lavender and Peppermint scents.Personally, I love them both but if I had to pick one over the other I love the Peppermint the best it smells like a Peppermint and white chocolate scent if you ask me.

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