Depending On The Organization’s Security Requirements

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Depending On The Organization’s Security Requirements

Depending On The Organization’s Security Requirements 1

Note how the default 512-bit ns-server-certificate is binded as a Certificate already which is why the NetScaler administration GUI console listens on port 443 (https) however is rejected by internet browsers. 2 for the IPv6 NSIP nshttps::1|-443. Depending on the organization’s security necessities, policy might dictate that every one site visitors to the NetScaler’s GUI administration console must be encrypted so if that is the case, it is possible to disable http access to the NSIP. -gui secureonly ————————————————————————————————————————————————- Hope this helps anyone out there on the lookout for directions on find out how to secure NSIP GUI entry.

One of many modifications I appreciated most about the NetScaler NS10.5 launch was that the reliance on Java has lastly been eliminated and changed with HTML5. I can’t rely what number of times I’ve been frustrated at a client’s workplace trying to make a easy change to their NetScaler but find yourself spending an hour getting Java to work. As simple as this Retrieve Attributes feature could seem, I found it extraordinarily helpful to quickly validate the configuration settings.

What I’ve observed is that with this characteristic eliminated, I’ve been asked a number of times how would or not it’s potential to troubleshoot easy errors akin to typing in the flawed password for the service account. Setting timeouts for SSL/TLS. … the NetScaler licenses are bounded to the Host ID of the appliance and there have been times prior to now where I’ve been requested whether this was the host name which is actually incorrect. The Host ID of the equipment is really a MAC tackle of one of the interfaces of the appliance. The next are methods that can be used to find the Host ID.

Now that we’ve got the Host ID of the appliance, proceed by entering it into the Host ID field of the license allocation webpage (be sure that you do not embrace the colons) to generate a license file. Be certain that the Lync Client Policy of users who will be redirecting to native gadgets has EnableMediaRedirection enabled. Note within the above screenshot that EnableMediaRedirection will not be enabled.

Note that at the time of penning this submit, solely the 32-bit model of the Microsoft Lync VDI Plug-in is supported and will work for redirecting audio and video. CTX138408.html Citrix Receiver for Windows requires the 32-bit model of the Microsoft Lync VDI Plug-in on the machine, even on a 64-bit Windows machine. The 64-bit model will not be compatible with Citrix Receiver for Windows since the bitness of the VDI Plug-in must match the bitness of the Receiver. Clicking on it’ll show the next: Lync is all set to make use of your local audio and video devices.

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