How Did This Project BEGIN?

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How Did This Project BEGIN?

How Did This Project BEGIN? 1

Traditional exhibition design, in which the museum has a specific story or message to tell, doesn’t easily support visitor co-creation. What can guests add if guess what happens you want to say already? But there are other times when the message isn’t simple, and in those cases, visitor voices can help form multi-dimensional exhibitions. It can be uncomfortable or downright limiting to declare yourself as well as your single voice the authority on a complex or multi-faceted topic. This realization–that an individual museum voice was not the best way to tell a particular story–formed the foundation for MN150, the exhibition explored in this article.

How do this project get started? Well, we understood we wanted to do a show to indicate the sesquicentennial (150th anniversary of the birth of the condition of Minnesota). At we thought we’d cover 50 topics first, then 150. And we’d to choose: should we select the topics ourselves? Per year for 150 years Present one?

None of that made sense. What made sense was to place out the general public to call and find out: exactly what does everyone think is interesting and important? We know from research that our audience is very interested in taking the next phase with us, like to attract their own conclusions and express their own opinions.

We had success with another show with a unique format called open up the house where the visitor experience is fairly open-ended. We don’t attract conclusions and spoonfeed people. So when it arrived to MN150, we wished to do more of this and asked ourselves: how else can we do that?

How did you solicit visitor nominations? We put an open public call on the net first and sent a notice to our membership and some local and regional historical societies, preaching to the choir, starting that real way. We went out and talked to community groups that people didn’t think would use the Web-different ethnic populations, on the reservations.

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And then this opportunity emerged up to be at the condition fair. The Minnesota condition fair is an enormous event-it’s the biggest state reasonable in the national country. Everyone comes out. We got to set up some space in a historic house at the reasonable that the condition fair basis uses because of its offices. You tromp around all day and eat food-so having this air-conditioned spot was a big deal! In the house, we had computers create with the website.

You could also speak to one folks or write it out. There were six of us milling around at any right time, shilling outside, speaking with people. We’d our forms printed on the fans-for the heat–and they could take it away, fill it out there, and if we lured them into the house we could show them what we should be doing.