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LMN, an structures firm that I proudly called my home abroad for the 4 years between 2007 and 2011, has an built-in design technology studio room named LMN Tech Studio, or LMNts for short. Tim Logan while others in LMNts have been developing free Revit add-ins and I’ll be publishing about them here on the coming days.

First up is Lyrebird, a Grasshopper to Revit interoperability tool. Revit so that whenever we use Grasshopper as a computational design tool, we structure the info in Grasshopper to make it simpler to instantiate those Revit items. This isn’t a lot about translating geometry between programs but instead translating data between them. The user interface we’ve created is quite simple still; there’s only 1 Grasshopper element that people hope has inputs and options to take care of everything without being overpowering enough.

On the Revit part, there are four instructions added to manage Lyrebird and the elements that it generates. We’ve tried to simplify the relationship between the programs, when it comes to mapping the Revit object to Grasshopper especially. A word of warning though, Lyrebird’s Revit plugin is by default in the Off position (there’s a toggle) and you may want to leave it that way when it’s not going to be utilized.

It’s using the idling occasions in Revit to automatically result in when data gets delivered, however the idling event can be considered a resource hog and will cause Revit to use 100% of one of your cores all the time. We’re also thrilled to say this is our first task of this character that we’re making open up source.

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