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Shaving can be such a problem in a persons everyday routine if not done properly. Considering that hair can be all lengths and textures, It isn’t the hair that people need to treat or prep prior to shaving, it is the skin. No real matter what condition of the skin or type you have, you must treat your skin as though it were delicate and with extreme caution. Skipping this task can result in horrible results like scarring, rough skin, dark areas, and even sensitivity (long-term results).

Splash your face with cold water and remove all makeup, dirt, and essential oil with a daily face clean. Very Gently, exfoliate the dead skin that builds up on the top of your face & neck. This is an important step because your circulating blood circulation, getting rid of trapped dirt and night out your skin layer shade and consistency.

  • 100% Organic ( USDA and ECOCERT)
  • Use an oil-based remover for fake blood, prosthetics, adhesives, and waterproof paints
  • Dizziness or altered states of consciousness
  • 2/3 cup water (distilled)

Rinse well with hot water and leave your skin damp. Steam your face to soften your skin and open the skin pores. 1. Boil a pot of drinking water (Adding fresh Herbs or essential oils to water can improve, treat, and even heal your skin depending on the type of Herb). Sit the pot down in front of you, hovering your face over the pot and placing a towel big enough to cover your whole mind, trapping the vapor inside.

Doing this allows the steam to open up your pores and soften your skin layer that surrounds the locks. Sweating is great for launching toxins in the torso especially. Open the mouth area wide and breathe deep. 2. Carefully Soak a folded clean towel in warm water and apply it to your neck and face. Make the towel as hot as possible stand.

Apply your preferred shaving cream or gel to your face. I would recommend Kiss My Face Shaving Cream to be the best highly! Let it sit on your face for a full minute before shaving allowing the merchandise to sink in. When you have long hair, trim it down before starting step one.

Use a very sharp knife to shave that person. Make sure it isn’t rusty or dull because that may cause major discomfort and transfer bacteria to your skin layer. You intend to shave downwards or in the direction that the hair grows first. By adding more shaving solution Then, start to shave against the hair, not pressing hard onto the skin too.

As you’re doing this task, use your free hands to feel within the hairs to ensure all locks are equally cut. Rinse all product off your face and neck with cold water. Usually do not WIPE the facial skin with the towel. Gently pat your face 90% dried out. By pulling your skin, you can cause slacking over a period. Follow up with Tea Tree oil to disinfect the skin and reduce redness. Treat & moisturizer. Shaving strip a coating of epidermis off (dead skin & oils that are produced by your glands).