IPhone 5S Blue Screen Of Death Fix And Bug

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IPhone 5S Blue Screen Of Death Fix And Bug

IPhone 5S Blue Screen Of Death Fix And Bug 1

In the past, blue display of loss of life only happens on Windows OS, however now it happens on iPhone too, and the iPhone 5S is the most common iPhone model that occurs such bug. Day Last, a blue display screen of death error shows up on my iPhone 5s, because I was installing Facebook app apparently.

After that, the iPhone remains restarting over and over nonstop, until the battery pack shutoff. I make an effort to press home and power/rest control keys for 10 secs but constant with the blue display still. What may I do now to access iPhone? Wow, it seems serious. I have collected some ways for how to repair iPhone blue screen of death 5S. Above all, I feel a great necessity to discuss what blue screen of death is iPhone.

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Originally, the Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) can be a screen error found on a Windows computer, it didn’t get much attention until a lot of 5S users reported it on Apple’s support forums, Twitter, Facebook, and Mac Rumors forums. The BSOD is rumored triggered by Apple’s own iWorks apps and it will lead to device crashes and reboots. Tap Documents & Data, and sliding Pages, Keynote, and Numbers to off. Sometimes, jailbreak or drop iPhone cause blue display. 1. Update your device to the latest iOS 7 or iOS 8 version.

Note: Blue display of death also may appear after upgrading to iOS 8, iOS 8.1, and lead to power off. 2. Use “Reboot Device” in Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery. Phone Data Recovery program not limited to document recovery just, but can restart iPhone from blue screen of loss of life. Download blue display iPhone recovery software and install it on your PC.

Find the Reboot Device application in installation website directory and open it. Connect iPhone with computer as soon as the scheduled program distinguishes your device, your iPhone will automatically reboot to normal. Tried all you can do but still fail? The final thing you can do is to contact Apple for service and support, and wait.

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