2019 All You Need To Know PRIOR TO GOING (with Photos) Makeup Artists

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2019 All You Need To Know PRIOR TO GOING (with Photos) Makeup Artists

2019 All You Need To Know PRIOR TO GOING (with Photos) Makeup Artists 1

Maddie is the absolute BEST!!! She does my locks and make up for my wedding and it couldn’t have been better. I used to be probably a problem of the litigant because I had formed no idea what I wanted basically, but Maddie was patient with me and helped me create the appearance I was choosing!

The day of the marriage she was so soothing and fun, she really fit in with everyone and it experienced like she was just there as part of the family. That is why you should book Maddie- she’s a professional makeup artist/hair stylist/fast friend/wedding extraordinaire! I cannot say enough good things.

  • 2 Katie Holmes – Alterna Hair Care
  • 13 months back from Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • 10% of the American flags bought from this country are Manufactured outside of the US
  • Diaper Rash
  • Pimples and blemishes
  • The widest section of face is on the cheek
  • Salt & Vinegar Chips

I had an AMAZING time participating in Madison’s workshop at the CETA 2018 Festival! I sat in on both her Bulletproof Stage Makeup Basics workshop as well as her Intro to Theater Special Effects workshop. Madison talked through whatever she was doing during both of the workshops with extreme fine detail so that everyone would understand every aspect of the process. She answered each and every question asked with great care and gave us many recommendations for products providing to all of our needs.

Both workshops were so much fun because not only did Madison achieve, and go beyond the purposes of both workshops but she always made sure that their conditions were welcoming and light hearted. Madison is a great teacher and I’ll definitely join her classes again if she attends the CETA Festival next 12 months as well! Madison will amazing work! I visited a make up tutorial that Madison hosted.

She strolled us through three looks. All three were amazing absolutely. Totally boom Madison for your next event, wedding, picture shoot! I had been part of her bullet-proof stage makeup class at The CETA Festival and it was so much fun! I learned a lot about what is necessary on stage also, what is extra, what to use, and more.

She showed us how to use the makeup and how she applies it on other people. Also, by the end we had extra time when she replied all our makeup questions and even demonstrated to us a little extra techniques on her model! She discussed some alternative drugstore products in comparison to what she was using too! I watch a great deal of makeup lessons but it was so cool seeing it being done right before me!

I also learned a great deal about the makeup business! She talked about how she became a part of it and what her life is like working with makeup! Overall I had developed a great time and it was one of my favorite workshops I took at the festival! Maddie is such an amazing musician!