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What’s Love Got To Do With Business Giving? This year I’ve found that Valentines’s Day is also the first day of Random Acts of Kindness Week. One doesn’t need to improve or create a whole new business model to be kind and present back. The point of the Random Acts Of Kindness Week is more about preventing thinking about being kind to others in small, perhaps unplanned and spontaneous ways. This is one area where small businesses have an advantage over big corporations, for the reason that they see in their day to day functions of the needs of their community and their customers and can act on them more readily and spontaneously.

Throughout this website there are a huge selection of tips and recommendations for giving as well as four serves of kindness that any business may use this week, or any right time. The business Random Acts of Kindness offers their list of ideas for businesses to try. Better yet, if your business is considering creating a giving plan, make an effort to include a week of spontaneous offering like this one into the future.

Can you measure the impact of this? But, your employees will be happier at work, your customers will appreciate you even more as well as your community will be a better place to live and to do business, a week at least for just one. Collect goodies for children to contribute to city service employees (e.g., law enforcement, firefighters, pet shelter).

Send floral preparations to mature centers, assisted living facilities, police station, private hospitals, etc. near your workplace. Collect goods throughout RAK Week (or through the whole calendar year) for a food bank or investment company or shelter. Give coupons for reduced or free goods to universities to use as bonuses for his or her kindness programs. Week committee If your office has a RAK, put out a memo to your staff asking for volunteers to help plan and implement another campaign. Donate a percentage of your income for one day to a group in need. Donate flowers to meals delivery program. Take up an assortment to buy items needed by a nonprofit business.

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Plant a Kindness Tree or Garden on the office grounds. Ask the mayor to provide a brief presentation at the commitment. Organize a bloodstream drive dedicated to Random Acts of Kindness. Sponsor Random Acts of Kindness mascot to circulate, distributing recommendations and gifts for acts of kindness. Hand out suggestions for random acts of kindness to each customer or client, and offer a nominal discount in trade for his or her pledge to do an act of kindness. Day or select a few days during RAK Week to do this 10 of purchases on a given. Create free coffee, tea, or hot chocolate for your employees.

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