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AS BEING A Registered Investment Advisory Firm

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As a Registered Investment Advisory Firm, we are controlled by the Texas Securities Commission. We to the fiduciary oath adhere, which requires us to place our clients’ best interest above our very own. We have no commercial plan to determine or limit the way we provide our clients. We concentrate on portfolio growth and income generation within the portfolio. At Active Trading Investments, we manage account value in a volatile environment.

Our trading strategies are believed conventional within the world of currency markets investing. We are committed to building and keeping a romantic relationship with this clients based on integrity and exceptional service. We are available to go over your portfolio always, strategies, and to provide educational services to meet your needs. Regulatory and Disclosure Information: Active Trading Investments, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisor providing investment management services on the fee-only basis.

Active Trading Investments, Inc. is signed up with the continuing state of Tx Securities Commission. Active Trading Investments, Inc. Brochure Form ADV Part II is available upon request. Our only place of business is 3825 Nantucket Drive, Plano, Texas. The authors, web host and publisher are not providing legal, accounting, or specific advice to your situation.

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For certain taxpayers in the financial services sector, the mark-to-market rules of Sec. 475 may offer a more liberal means of deducting losses on financial resources than the restrictive loss procedures of Sec. 165(g). This is because Sec. 475 permits a current deduction for declines in the market value of securities, including fluctuations in FMV not related to credit-quality issues.

However, to apply the mark-to-market rules, the taxpayer must meet the definition of a “dealer in securities” in Sec. While these activities appear to explain those of a securities broker certainly, the statutory software is expansive. It includes any taxpayer that acquires or offers securities, provided these activities are conducted with customers and aren’t undertaken on the taxpayer’s own account merely. For instance, a taxpayer that regularly originates loans for resale on the secondary market is known as to be always a dealer in securities. However, a taxpayer involved with energetic securities trading alone accounts is not.