5 Successful Social Media Campaigns YOU ARE ABLE TO Learn From


As a non-profit business, the lady Scouts USA started over 100 years ago with a female who believed that each girl has tremendous power. Because the first Girl Scout troop in March 1912, they’ve cultivated, helping women find their passions, strengths, and talents. Most of us know the lady Scouts for his or her amazing cookies; cookies which help girls thrive and gather funds that are put to amazing use around the grouped community.

To drive app downloads. The public media team noticed that a lot of customers got problems with finding their nearest Girl Scout Representative when Cookie Season was completely swing. They wanted to drive cookie booth queries on their official website and also boost the number of downloads for their Girl Scout Cookie Finder mobile app. This might not only benefit the business but also, be a massive help consumers thinking of buying cookies. GirlScouts used an App Card (showcasing their delicious products) in a Twitter App Install marketing campaign, which easily and easily allowed users to download and open the Girl Scout Cookie Finder app from their Twitter account.

This resulted in significantly boosted conversions! “Twitter offers a distinctive value proposition for us because our customers are energetic users and on their phones 24/7. Twitter’s conversion reporting is really clear also. The interface was very easy to use, we create the campaign significantly less than a day after the idea came up. By adding images to Twitter’s App Cards, you’ll give customers a visual of what your application provides. Using the App Card function is a great way of allowing customers to easily access your app from the Tweet itself.

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  2. Strong organizational skills and communication skills a must
  3. Preview Posts
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  6. There are plenty of opportunities if you select the right product
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There you have 5 successful cultural media promotions that made waves within the last couple of years. These good examples simply speak to precisely how valuable social media can be and what a large difference it can make in lead generation, brand understanding, and sales. Keep these takeaways at heart when planning your next campaign!

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