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US Import & Export Data

US Import & Export Data 1

The United States has a wealth of import and export data that can assist you in making informed business decisions. The country is home to many important import ports, which make it easier for traders and investors to do business in the country. These ports have made America one of the most important importing countries. The Us import data includes information about a variety of industries as well as mouse click the next webpage main transport methods used to import and ship goods. These data types include SEA and AIR port data. ICD/DRY data. And road shipment data. If you have almost any concerns concerning wherever in addition to the way to utilize trade data, you possibly can contact us from the site.


The database contains information about all containers that were imported to the United States. It includes information on the date, consignee and shipper for each container. This information is compiled from the Automated Manifest System maintained by US Customs and Border Patrol. It also contains details about the weight of each shipment.

US Import & Export Data 2

Bill of Lading

US Customs and Border Patrol collects Bill of Lading import data. This data allows you to understand and track trends in imports. Last month, US imports increased by USD 7.4 billion, reaching a total of USD 239.0 billion in August 2020.


The Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes US import- and export data. This government agency is called mouse click the next webpage Bureau of Labor Statistics. These prices are based on surveys of importers and exporters. The surveys are conducted by requiring the cooperation of the respondents, and their responses are treated as confidential. The Confidentiality information Protection and Statistical efficiency Act of 2002 provides protection for the data. It requires the Bureau to respect the privacy of all respondents. The data are updated on a monthly basis.


If you’re interested in US import statistics, you’ll want to consider getting data from multiple sources. The US government’s database for imported goods and related services is one such source. This database contains data about import and export from more than 80 countries. It is updated every month. This information may not be always up-to-date. When you have any sort of inquiries regarding where and ways to use customs data, you could contact us at the webpage.