And, Have You Tasted Cloudberries Before?


This may seem like it’s coming out of left field but before getting swept up in the whirlwind of skincare innovation that is Korean beauty, I was a whole and utter Ole Henriksen fangirl. You may recall out of this article, I presented a couple weeks back that cloudberries are Nordic berries that are super-antioxidant-rich and have created a craze over in Asia.

This cleanser (for Fall/Winter) and and the moisturizer (for Spring/Summer) have definitely made it to the very best of my wishlist. You’ll find the products at Ole Henriksen here or at Sephora here. BREAKING NEWS: By 10/26 Ole Henriksen is having their Relatives and buddies sale where you can save 20% with code OHFRIEND.

  • By Terry Hulie de Rose ($106)
  • Prunes and Freshly-Brewed Organic Coffee Mask
  • Your skin can handle serum with higher focus of substances
  • Use moisturizer. Apply a gentle moisturizer to the tattooed epidermis several times a day
  • DEA (diethanolamine), MEA (Monoethanolaniine) and TEA (triethanolamine)
  • Makeshift isn’t a good idea, it is strongly recommended that you utilize the correct tool made for the job
  • Microdermabrasion step one: refine
  • Many Counties HAVE PREVIOUSLY Banned Animal Testing

Shop Ole Henriksen here. I’m interested, are you interested in putting cloudberries on your skin layer? And, perhaps you have tasted cloudberries before? What do you think? P.S. There’s also a good deal of new Chosungah 22 here and Too Cool For School here. P.P.S. Later today Keep tuned in for the contents of my Fall K-beauty haul from Kosmeshop! Disclosure: Some affiliate links. If you’re interested in my policy on press samples, affiliate marketer links, and sponsors, please see my policies and disclaimer.

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