Breakdown: SOCIAL NETWORKING Workflow, Process, Triage


Left: Altimeter Research discovered that most companies lack a formalized process -and even out of the advanced, only 76% got a process in place, read the full survey on Social Readiness. The purpose of these breakdown articles is to serve as an industry reference as the space advanced to optimization and performance. The assumption is a company is forming a Center of Excellence or ruling body, or has recently done so before deploying this key component.

Like our bodies, cities, and companies, all complex organisms have a natural process and order that help to reduce inefficiencies and escalate the end goals. So, what if you don’t have a workflow? This may put your company at risk from lack of coordination, as multiple individuals could be responding at the same time, your customers may not be properly served in social channels, leading to lost opportunities and potential customer dis-satisfaction. In the worst case, this poor experience in cultural could provide to fuel social press crises, which we’ve noted.

Clearly, we want to avoid this situation, and create a workflow that cascades over the multiple business functions instead, product groups, and geographies to quickly and effectively provide the marketplace in cultural stations. Definition: A SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Workflow, Process, or Triage is a sequence of connected steps that allow the entire organization to act efficiently with reduced overlapping tasks and resources to serve the marketplace in social channels and beyond.

Alignment with commercial goals and customer goals. Contract and Buy-in to the process from all included sections in the business. Few or no overlapping resources and jobs. Clear articulation of who will do what, when, where, and exactly how. Organizational alignment through training, assessment, and refinement. Integration with existing business systems, procedures, and software in existing stations. A clear, easy-to-reference record with clear labels and requires little description. Scope includes all possible situations are included when to react -and when not to respond. Periodic improvements on the procedure as the business evolves. Measurable business impacts are accountable to all stakeholders on a periodic basis.

A long arduous process is carried out to get buy in from the entire corporation, which may be saddled if clear executive sponsorship is not setup. Failure to align with existing customer experience stations such as telephone, chat, online, and in person. A big risk is the organization, not adopting the workflow, dropping back to old behaviors, if a proper rollout is not spent.

Ensure all interpersonal press activities (and all else we do) align with the business mission and goals, let’s ensure we’re prepared in developing a strategic direction with these peers, professionals, and team. Ensure the Goals are Established and Aligned. Obtain agreement from an executive sponsor, ideally one which spans the continuing business groups in which you will engage. Remember, something as pedantic as creating a workflow diagram will excite the organization, resulting in groups to balk, or give their buy-in.

Do this by reminding all teams that this is alignment with corporate goals like: customer satisfaction, producing new leads, reducing internal confusion. Clearly label the business enterprise goals, and assign interim business KPIs that straight map to these goals. Next, Map out Existing Interview and Processes Teams. Expert Jason Falls shared, “Obtaining the right stakeholders up to speed from the onset that makes a triage process successful”.

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Whether you’re in or comm, customer care, or legal, you’ll have to get buy in from other groupings. Start by obtaining existing workflows of how customers are routed, and then interview each team because of their needs. Lead with business goals, but instead put on your listening cap to get their important perspective before you assert yours. Then, bring all diagrams to one record back, ascertain the best process, and offer suggested workflows then.

By allowing sections to vote, modify, and provide input will extend your influence from ‘over-reaching’ to instead getting the ideal ‘buy-in’. Avoid the Mine Field by Including Overlooked Stakeholders. Projects can quickly become disparaging if one group inserts and stops the process because their needs weren’t met. Be sure you obtain buy in from corporate and business functions that tend to be overlooked including: PR, Corp Comm, CUSTOMER SUPPORT, IT, Call Center, Regional Field. Specifically, the loop in Legal, Compliance, and Risk in the first times.