Crystal Nina Makeup Artist


A cool Band called “Barefoot walking” called me to do the Makeup/Styling because of their first music video “Mermaid day Parade”. Fresh Pretty. The day on the beach doing what i really like I got to spend, dealing with some cool and funny personalities. I put just arrived to meet everyone on the board walk at 8am on the saturday.

All i held thinking is how loaded i knew the beach would get and it do. Surgeo (lifeguard) came up to me and said we had gone to Jr. High school jointly! The Mermaids learning there dance techniques. Yay my sandy makeup. Breakfast by the sea. It was my first time doing mermaid designs so i was psyched! Freak Show Stage greenroom!

The look is completed with diamantes and fake crystals. The themed clothes cost up to £100 each, but are upstaged by her ‘beauty dress’. One purple and red frilly number, protected in jewels, costs £600 – plus another £80 for delivery. Ms Bushell also spares no expense as it pertains to Hallie Mai’s make-up and locks.

The three-year-old also has a show-stopping sparkly red nurse’s dress, with abdomen trim outs, glamorous feathers, diamantes and artificial crystals. She covers her daughter’s mousey dark brown locks with a lustrous wig, charging £55, which was shipped in from America. And the night before a pageant, Hallie Mai is primped and preened – being covered in St Tropez false tan to give her a sun-kissed shine. I have to make sure it isn’t streaky,’ Ms Bushell said about her daughter’s enhanced complexion.

Then she’ll have her nails done and get her hair done. They reach a pageant – the majority are in Yorkshire Once, Peterborough and five hours away in London – Hallie Mai is made to look ‘perfect’. Ms Bushell uses basis, blusher, bronzer and lip gloss to complete the appearance.

The mom is quick to defend her parenting skills. Her little girl is also becoming a dab hand with a make-up brush, providing her mother a makeover backstage often. But while Ms Bushell claims her baby adores pageants, she’s faced a fierce backlash from doubters. She said: ‘When people ask me about pageants, some convert their nasal area and start being funny up.

The mom is quick to defend her parenting skills. I say to the negative individuals who Hallie Mai adores pageants and the tan is adored by her, makeup and outfits and she’s very strong willed,’ she said. While Ms Bushell promises her baby adores pageants, she’s encountered a fierce backlash from doubters. Ms Bushell’s Facebook is often inundated with crude feedback about her child, and statements that she is an irresponsible mom.

  • Best Individual Achievement for Story Contribution in the Field of Animation (Won)
  • Start with a clean face and put in a sheer foundation over trouble spots or the whole face
  • Semi-matte finish, but the finish actually becomes more dewier depending on your skin layer care
  • Wear a highly effective sunscreen in additionto your moisturizer with SPF
  • Ultra Moisturizing Cream
  • Whatever eye makeup remover you use, avoid setting it up in your eyes
  • Give antibiotic therapy

If she didn’t wish to accomplish it she’d elope stage. Ms Bushell’s Facebook is often inundated with crude remarks about her daughter, and statements that she is an irresponsible mom. But neither mother nor girl will be deterred from their pageant ambitions. She added: ‘She’s not your typical pageant girl. If she doesn’t want to do it she’ll kick off. We get stay, but it’s part of pageant life.

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