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In Colorado, services aren’t taxable. Colorado. For a guide, see C.R.S. PLEASE BE AWARE: These licenses are only going to cover condition and state-collected taxes jurisdictions. If you are in a home-rule (home rule) cities, contact that city for his or her permit requirements. Find out which metropolitan areas are home-rule. Most Colorado sales tax license types are valid for a two-year period and expire at the end of each odd-numbered calendar year. Standard Retail License (Sales Tax License) — For businesses with a long-lasting location where retail sales are conducted frequently.

If you have a combination of retail sales and you also make wholesale sales, you may use the Sales Tax License for both and you do not should also have a Wholesale License. Wholesale License — For businesses that make sales to other certified suppliers for resale. Single Special Event License– For any temporary location other than your regular business location and valid for just one event only where there are three or even more vendors.

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This is a two-year license which is absolved to all standard sales tax license holders. Multiple Special Event License — If you plan on going to some special event, it is recommended you make an application for the multiple-event permit. That is a two-year permit, which is absolved to all standard sales tax permit holders.

It addresses a two-year period when there are three or more vendors at the event. Exempt Certificate For Non-profit, Charitable, School, Religious, or Government Organizations — Issued by the Colorado Department of Revenue. Exempt License For Contractors — Used limited to purchasing structure and building materials for tax-exempt business tasks.

This license is issued only to the General Contractor. Sub-contractors must obtain a copy of the certificate from the overall Contractor. For contractors who don’t need a sales tax license, trade name sign up, and renewal is dealt with by the Colorado Secretary of State Business Center. You have one business location where you can make retail and wholesale sales. You have significantly more than one business location where you will make retail and wholesale sales.

All your sales will be low cost. You might sell at one event that is not at the regular business location. You are going to sell at some event that is not at your regular business location. Non-profit, school, religious, or government organization. To use for this certificate with Colorado, use the application form for Sales Tax Exemption for Colorado Business (DR 0715). No charge is required for this exemption certificate and it does not expire. General Contractor. To receive an exemption certificate for structure contracts with taxes exempt organizations use the Contractor Application for Exemption Certificate (DR 0172). No fee is required because of this exemption certificate.

Certificates will be released for maintenance contracts or non-construction tasks. 100,000 or even more of gross services or sales delivered in Colorado, including exempt sales. By June 1 Qualifying out-of-state suppliers must obtain a state of Colorado Sales Tax Permit, 2019. Online applications for a Sales Tax License for out-of-state retailers are available at Revenue Online.

Renew Your Sales Tax LicenseComplete and mail or take the Renewal Application for Sales Tax License (DR 0594) to any Taxpayer Service Center. Sales taxes licenses can also be restored through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). When renewing by EFT, you certainly do not need to send us the DR 0594 form because that can result in a duplicate filing. The EFT payment symbolizes the renewal payment and form in a single transaction. 16 is for each location. If you have more than one sales location, a license must be acquired by each location.

Close a Sales Tax Account/LicenseWhen a business or a location (site) close, you can ensure the business closes in good standing with the Colorado Department of Revenue and does not receive nonfiler notices. Any taxes, the business is expected to remit must be paid or results with “zero” tax thanks must be filed.

The Department of Revenue must be notified on the final return that the business is closing. Are the effective day of closure (the last day of business). The department will close the taxes account for the entire business or for a particular location/site. Businesses can close the account or site through Revenue Online. Businesses can also file the Account Change or Closure Form (DR 1102) to close the account or site.