Evaluating Google Search Results


Google uses many testers to evaluate the quality of search results. This post gives some details about their work and speculates that Google allows everyone to be always a tester. Google has a great search results since it has good algorithms, great data centers and (secret) evaluation tests. 20 per hour) just to test the relevance of the user’s. Google doesn’t manually adjust search-engine results, they try to find the nagging problem that generated the low-quality results and tweak their algorithms.

So what conditions should be fulfilled with a tester? SearchBistro found more concerning this evaluation. Google selects lots of arbitrary queries and transmits the list to a group of quality raters. The raters evaluate the total results in a CommQuest Evaluation Interface. There are also nine ratings for every result: Vital, Useful, Relevant, Off Topic, Offensive, Erroneous, Didn’t Load, SPANISH, Unrated. Understanding the meaning of the query and its type – could it be navigational, informational, transactional, or a mixture of two or three?

Determining the merit ranking in light of the query coverage, and considering various utility sizes, as well as taking into account evidence of deceitful web design where appropriate. So, as you can see, it’s not an easy task to judge search results which work affects a lot of what you see in Google search today. You may be wondering what’s the idea of the post.

After the knowledge with Google Image Labeler, I believe Google shall make an effort to have significantly more quality testers, but this time around for free. If there’s a lot of fun in the process and the system is good enough to deal with spam and low-quality raters, the whole world could rate her’s. This is simply a speculation, but it wouldn’t be the very first time when users positively enhance the order of user’s (if you click on the third consequence of a search, Google will know the first two weren’t relevant).

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