GALACTIC NEWS: October 2019


Government is not reason; it is not eloquence, it is power! Today If Jesus ran for the White House, would the American people ever vote for Him as He would not compromise on political issues or the truth or ultimate justice? You being too corrupt on too many political issues, any applicant for the White House has to judge what lengths he can operate on what he totally believes in and what you won’t let him run on.

I evaluate that Mitt Romney desires to do befitting the American people and given the chance will try to do his right for you. I understand what a politics cesspool he has to run through to run for the White House. I’ll back him and wager I won’t be proven a fool to want to provide him the opportunity as President. If he could be elected President, I think I will be able to get him to back again the Omni Law and other activities that will bless the American people.

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Give him a chance as Obama hates everything about Christianity from what I could see. I am no Mormon but experienced good Mormon friends in my own life. I was not scared of experiencing Mormons in business deals with me and am not afraid of having Mitt Romney as President. We Christians need to be smart as serpents as Jesus place it meaning smart in worldly affairs also.

Voting third party puts Obama in the White House. Voting for Obama is the same as voting for the would-be Antichrist in the us. As Joseph Stalin commented once, he judged it did not matter who the interpersonal people voted for this counted. It had been who counted the votes that put the leader into power. Watch like hawks voter scams in the election and I am aware that a close friend of Obama regulates the counting of votes on Nov. 6, 2012. Next election forgot the use and nonsense punch computer cards for national voting. It really is hard to cheat on the national vote with them.

Just tell any naive to just make sure they punch out the openings using the pc voting cards and their vote will be counted by computer and human if needed. Copy of my Omni Law may be read in the internet search engine at Nesara News. This will end most corruption in Wash., D.C.

And Christianity has its legal rights restored in the us once this is passed. Copy of my over 70 national reports may be read employing this internet search engine at Nesara News and posting in my pen name of Erasmus of America to read them. For those wanting to financing the coming success of Christianity as it regains the management of America, make any financial support out to NIFI at NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679. As we’ve a national strategy not dependent on the national election, after we raise certain levels of financing, we can use maneuvers of legislation which Wash., D.C. Omni Law is handed as Wash., D.C. It will be the time for deals and we end up with passage of the Omni Law. Yours for Country and God, Erasmus of America (pen name.

So a lot of the discussion is what you will find in a reasonable compensation case. Among the tests for affordable comp is whether an “independent buyer” would be happy with the return they received following the comp. The parties disagree about how to calculate the rate of return on investment, which is also called the pace of return on collateral.

The company contends that the rate of return on collateral is equal to its gross income for one year minus its gross revenue for the prior year, year divided by the gross income for the prior. This definition is based on the theory that the value of the firm’s equity is equal to the firm’s gross income for just one year. The company claims that annual gross revenue is an appropriate way of measuring the firm’s equity because someone once offered to buy the firm for a price add up to one year’s gross revenue. 5,405,102. 12 So the company calculates that from 2000 to 2003 the cumulative rate of come back for the shareholders was 17.27 percent.