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MARK HATZ can be an entrepreneur, co-founder of the boutique investment bank or investment company focused on growing markets, based in London and Paris. Mark started his career at Goldman Sachs and Perella Weinberg Partners and worked in London, Dubai, and Paris. He holds a Masters degree in Management from ESCP Europe. Mark has a solid understanding of the investment banking interview process.

He participated in recruiting analysts at Perella Weinberg in London as well as full-time affiliates most recently at a boutique investment bank or investment company in Dubai. His recruiting experience also attracts on the dozens of interviews He got out of university with various finance institutions such as Moelis, Greenhill, Evercore, Blackstone, Rothschild, Morgan Stanley, and JP Morgan, to name a few.

As Munger says, it’s all about incentives, and I think BRK people are incentivized. Remember what Buffett said after the crisis. He said that there was a regulator who had one job, and that was to modify FNM and FRE, I think. And they failed. So just because you have someone viewing and regulating, if the incentives are not correct, you will have problems.

So, I was just a little irked when the market was down 600 factors last week when I was on my way out of the house. I know I don’t really caution, but still, at the relative back again of my brain, I think, is this it? Is this the end of capitalism?

Are we going to go down 90% like we do in 1929-1932? OK, I wasn’t that worried, actually. But it made me wondering. Why are we so scared of big market goes like this? 600 points is a bit more than 2%. Back the late 1980s and early 1990s, a 2% move would have been a 50 point move. Mom was a 500-point drop 600 points is psychologically surprising because Dark.

So it feels like Black Monday again (that was before my time!). I tend to buy into narratives I don’t really care about. The HFT/quants are making the markets more volatile. ETFs, leveraged ETFs are making the marketplaces more volatile especially. OK. Probably true. But whatever. Doesn’t matter if you ask me.

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But sometimes, I think suddenly, wait a minute. Is all this true? Let’s take a look! First of all, let’s just take a look at the market’s volatility on the rolling 100-day basis. This is what derivatives traders would call the 100-day historical volatility. So, looks normal pretty. Using the big moves in the past few weeks Even, nothing out of the ordinary here. In fact, I would have guessed things were pretty crazy since Trump was elected, but if you turn to even 2012 back again, 100-day vols have been around in a normal range. It certainly doesn’t believe that way.

OK, so maybe vols don’t tell the whole story. Let’s look at various other things. We’ve had a few days where in fact the market was down more than 2% recently. Or it feels like it happens a lot. So, I looked to see how usually the market transpired more than 2% on your day. To make it a readable graph, I simply summed up just how many times the market declined by more than 2% before 200 times.

So yes, it’s a little elevated, but nothing at all really unusual. Look at the period during the crisis! Also, go through the mid to past due 1990s, prior to the bubble collapsed even. What about those days the market opens down 800 points and closes up 300, or some such crazy thing? It looks like that sort of thing happens a whole great deal these days. If I had to guess, I would let you know that that happens more often these days than in the past. To measure that, I just subtracted the day’s high from the day’s low and divided it by the day’s close, and got a 100-day average of this then.

90s (I assume the day traders used to get this to really wide). Nothing unusual here. Totally normal range. Nothing out of the ordinary. JPM is a BRK stock now. Get Jamie on the board! He would be the person I trust most next to Buffett. BRK ratings low on corporate governance, but so what? Microsoft is awesome pretty. I never made a post about it as an investment; I will have after I started to get interested, but oh well. Maybe eventually, but I don’t really have anything to increase MSFT in conditions of financial evaluation/valuation.