Molivera Organics 16 Oz. Raw Unrefined African Organic Ivory Shea Butter For Natural Skin Care


IT SEEMS INCREDIBLE THAT ONE EXOTIC NUT CAN TREATS SO LOTS OF THE BEAUTY WOES WE COPE WITH EVERYDAY. Which of these common skin or hair issues do you need the remedy for? Dry, cracked skin, heels, lips? Stretchmarks, marks, blemishes, acne, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis? Dry cracked fingernails, cuticles?

Dry, dehydrated, frizzy, unruly, or brittle hair? Minor cuts, burns, sunburn, diaper rash? You are delivered by us our butter in a UV protecting container. Contact with light can degrade the butter’s natural properties. Our container keeps out light and keep carefully the healing properties strong. Our butter is sealed in our managed environment and will come to you just as it is seen by you.

It will not come yellow, rancid, gritty, or in a zip-lock bag-like many others. IT’S A SHAME FOR YOU NOT TO REAP THE ADVANTAGES OF THIS NATURAL BEAUTY SERUM, WHEN IT’S BEEN USED BY MILLIONS FOR YEARS AND YEARS. We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied and deeply in love with your new skin or your money back.

When the shepherds came from the field to look upon the babe in the manger, they were beholding the glory of God. When the smart men came later to the house where they dwelt, they knelt prior to the youngster in worship, for in Him was the glory of God made manifest. No real matter what darkness we face as we live in this fallen world, we can persevere for we know that God has made the brightness of His glory to sparkle upon us in the face of god, the father of Jesus Christ.

He has come to dwell in our midst. He has positioned His glory within us in the individual of His Spirit, and He is arriving again triumphantly to expose His glory to all or any mankind. Do you find yourself on difficult days doubting that this is true? Well, there is no need to doubt it, the prophet has informed us, “The mouth of it has been spoken by the Lord!

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Isaiah hears a tone of voice saying, “Call out!” But the prophet understands not what things to call out. So the tone of voice he hears tells him, “All flesh is grass and everything its loveliness is like the bloom of the field.” That phrase translated as loveliness may also be translated goodness or even glory. It’s the Hebrew word chesed which is used repeatedly in the OT to express the faithfulness and covenant love of God to His people.

Well that seems pretty good, right? Flowers are pretty. We like flowers. Nonetheless it is not the beauty of the bloom to which God likens the loveliness or faithfulness of mankind. It really is another attribute of the flower that God speaks of. “The grass withers, the rose fades when the breath of the Lord blows upon it; surely people are lawn.