Musings On Markets


The market for social media companies keeps growing up and attaching more sensible values for these businesses. The antics of Groupon management have harm it in the market’s eyes; this is the “mismanaged IPO discount” on value. The stock has been deliberately under priced because only 5% of the shares are on offer in the IPO and the business (and its investment bankers) want to see it pop on day one.

My think is that it is a combination of most three factors. Groupon has to be acknowledged with building a fascinating business model that has a big potential market and it is scaleable. What makes this company interesting is that investing in it is indirectly a wager on the economy. Unlike most young growth companies that are dependent on the economy becoming stronger and more vibrant for higher value, Groupon’s value is likely to be higher if the economy stays in the doldrums. After all, what business in a wholesome economy wants to market its products for 70% or 80% of the list price? Would I buy Groupon?

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Postscript: Some of you have already noted that I have already been optimistic in my assumptions and you are absolutely right: high income growth, a wholesome focus on margin, the declining cost of capital and no chance of failure. My point is that despite having those assumptions, I am dropping in short supply of the IPO price. On top of that, I would like you to go ahead and make your own estimates in the Groupon spreadsheet and value the business. To track all of our different estimates, I have created a shared Google spreadsheet where you can source estimates and value per talk about.

Profits flow out of the country. Multinationals use up scarce resources. May influence the government. This is actually the end of the book IGCSE Business Studies by Borrington Stimpson. I am sorry if you aren’t satisfied with the presentation or layout of the blog, and I would really appreciate ideas and suggestions. I hope this summary contributed to your studies. All the best on your IGCSE exams!

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