Skin Care For The Elderly: Caregiving Information


The practice of cleansing, preserving, and moisturizing the skin. Seniors have thinner, more delicate epidermis, and incontinence and a sedentary lifestyle can simply lead to skin breakdown. Experienced caregivers offer their best recommendations for maintaining skin integrity and health. Scabies is a common condition of the skin in long-term care facilities like nursing homes and assisted living communities. The producing rash can be unpleasant extremely and could take multiple rounds of treatment to eliminate the parasites. Seniors who won’t stop picking at their epidermis can create open wounds, an infection, and scarring.

There might not be an obvious reason, or treat for this behavior, but there are root triggers that can be addressed. Common epidermis conditions in seniors like dryness and bruising can be bothersome, but they can also point to a more serious underlying health problem. Knowing what symptoms to consider and how to treat them, can help you keep up an elder’s skin integrity.

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