Transfer To A Brand New Computer


You have to use the Sysprep /generalize command to generalize an entire Windows set up before you should use the set up for deployment to a new laptop, whether you use imaging, hard disk duplication, or one other technique. Moving or copying a Windows image to a distinct computer without operating the Sysprep /generalize command will not be supported.

This tutorial will present you find out how to do the transfer. Windows 7 System Preparation Tool is a strong, native Windows software. When as an example utilized in so referred to as Audit Mode, it let’s you to freely configure Windows 7 to be then deployed to other computer systems as hardware-independent image. In this tutorial we use System Preparation Tool (sysprep) to arrange your Windows 7 set up to be moved to a brand new pc, holding all of your installed purposes, program settings, and user profiles.

With the speed of at present’s hardware evolution, most of us geeks are upgrading the hardware more usually than operating system. Upgrading hardware will be painfully sluggish process if we have to reinstall the operating system and all our put in purposes, plus switch program settings and consumer profiles. Using sysprep makes this simple.

Changing the motherboard, or for example an outdated ATI GPU to a new nVidia GPU quite often causes Windows 7 to not be in a position in addition anymore. This fact is normally accepted by the consumer, who then installs the OS and all functions and transfers user profiles from a backup location.

Same thing when buying a new computer with fully totally different hardware setup compared to the old one, or making an attempt to restore a system image to totally different hardware setup. Normally this would come with a whole reinstallation of Windows 7 and all applications. Why not use sysprep to avoid reinstalling? Here are the different situations the place you need to use it. An upgraded Windows can’t be sysprepped.

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As this technique relies in sysprepping, this tutorial is valid just for Windows setups which haven’t been upgraded. Which means if in case you have for example in-place upgraded Vista to Seven, or utilizing Anytime Upgrade upgraded as an illustration a house Premium to Ultimate, you can’t sysprep and this tutorial cannot be utilized in your case. As you can learn on this thread, on rare events this methodology doesn’t work.

If this happens, you’ll be able to all the time restore your system utilizing your backup picture. 2. Disconnect all external hardware besides a mouse, keyboard, and important show. If your system folders are situated solely on C: drive, disconnect all different onerous disks besides that containing the C: . In case of relocated system folders, as an example the profile folder Users positioned in one other drive and other system folders on C: , first move the relocated system folders back to C: then disconnect all different drives.

5. In sysprep dialog that opens, select System Cleanup Action as entering System Out-of-Box-Experience (OOBE), choose Generalize, select Shutdown Options Shutdown. 6. Sysprep generalizes now your Windows 7 setup and shuts down your PC. Do not run any other applications during this phase! 8. Boot the PC from sysprep generalized laborious disk. You’ll notice Windows booting as if it was the primary boot after installation, putting in default drivers and updating registry.