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Kaskade, DJ Shadow, Moby, De La Soul, Pixies and Public Enemy are among the artists who have attempted it, but Yorke is the first to use a new “pay-gate” feature. 6 (£3.68). Mason talked towards the Guardian about how exactly the partnership came about. I met Nigel on Christmas Eve gone in London just.

We didn’t think they were doing anything: they’d just got a season off,” said Mason. “We met up and talked about BitTorrent: where in fact the internet should be choosing artists, today where they noticed the opportunities and problems, and one of those interactions got onto the thought of pay-gates in BitTorrent bundles.

“This is now what we hope is the world’s first direct-to-fan publishing system that truly has a worldwide audience,” he said, discussing the 170m energetic users of BitTorrent’s file-sharing software. “Major labels have abadndoned selling music really, it appears. BitTorrent may be associated – especially by many people in the music industry – with online piracy, through the many filesharing services that use the company’s technology. But right now, the ongoing company is defining itself towards Spotify and other streaming music services. “We’re not thinking about streaming for the sake of lining the pockets of some individuals at major labels. We’re thinking about helping artists make money off their work in the long run.

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We’re designed to be utilized by artists without a label, or for brands to use with their whole catalogues,” said Mason. “We’re a technology company, we’re good at moving documents really. We’re not so great at being truly a label, a film studio or a book publisher. So trying to make something that works for individuals we’re, labels and aggregate publishers.

Since Yorke’s album was unleashed earlier today, I’ve seen two key criticisms voiced in my Twitter feed from people within the music industry. The first is why didn’t Yorke and Godrich work with another service – Bandcamp is the main one mentioned most often – which can help them in their goal of “bypassing the personal elected gate-keepers”? “We love Bandcamp. If you’d like the primary difference between us, it’s that we have over 170m users we can put bundles before. Every day will see this Over 40m people who use BitTorrent. It’s a massive, massive user base,” said Mason. Mason gives the question brief shrift.

“Should we blame Apple for offering you a laptop? Why not attack the guy who invented streaming or HTTP? People misunderstand BitTorrent and think it’s something simply for piracy,” he said. If you’re just using our websites and products, there’s no way to get any unlawful material literally. That’s not what they’re created for. “They point you to – I might add – certified aggressively, legal pieces of content.

We’ve got over 2m licensed pieces of legal content – music, movies, photography, books – in the BitTorrent system. Inevitably, Yorke’s new album has already been on other torrent services as regular MP3 documents, without a pay-gate around the corner. Mason brought this up before I possibly could, directing out that the reputable pack “has a much larger swarm than any of the illegal versions – that’s huge for the industry”.

Could or should they have spoken to BitTorrent? By this point in the interview, Mason is on something of the move. “It’s interesting, the whole U2 thing. I’m an iPhone user, and I’m so pissed off that thing’s on my telephone. I haven’t acquired time to delete it yet, but Apple’s removal website is probably the best thing that a technology company released in terms of the music product this year,” he said. The U2 thing is a genuine way to encourage piracy more than anything we’re doing.

Pissing off half of a billion people is a really bad idea,” he continuing. “I don’t realize why you’d do this, if you don’t value the total result and the effect it is wearing other rings and musicians. With Nigel and Thom, every step of the way they kept asking ‘is this feature you’re adding for all of us something everybody may use?