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“I upgrade my computer from Windows 7 to Windows 10 some time ago by making use of my friends. Now the computer runs slowly and I want to replace the old hard drive to a better solid condition drive. I bought the SSD online but I am hesitating to install it. I am struggling to install the Windows 10 without any help and I don’t want to trouble my pal again.

What’s more important, I do not want to reduce the configurations of my Windows 10-procedure system. Is there any easy way to clone Windows 10 system from HDD to SSD without reinstallation no data loss? I need it really! It is true that people need to clone Windows 10 from HDD to SSD sometimes as to save time and efforts. For example, move Windows 10 from your desktop computer to a fresh laptop and replace the old HDD with SSD.

But most people have no idea about how to help make the Windows 10 system clone completely. Because of this good reason, we would introduce iSunshare CloneGo-the powerful but easy to use Windows cloning software here as well as show you how to clone Windows 10 system from HDD to SSD within few steps. Sunshare CloneGo is the third-party Windows cloning software which is qualified for system and partition duplicate and back-up.

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Everyone can free download this program to duplicate/clone Windows 10 OS easily without data loss. Step 1 1: Make your SSD connected with your desktop or laptop computer. Meanwhile, initialize the SSD and add more amounts. Step 2 2: Open iSunshare CloneGo and click Copy. The current system partition and your SSD partition will be automatically removed by this program and get listed on the user interface with details.

Step 3: Pick the Windows 10 OS partition as the foundation to focus on and choose a volume from SSD with enough room to store the Windows 10-system data. Step 4 4: Click Start and get a text box saying that procedure will format the destination focus on. You should click OK when the SSD partition is new with no data. The program can help you automatically clone Windows 10 system.

When the process ended, you can test to reboot your computer from the SSD. Believe it or not, CloneGo is efficient in hard drive upgrade, system back-up, and data transfer. It gets the exterior Backup and Restore features for the Windows system and data. Everyone can try it now free of charge!

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